Support Mental Health

How We Help

Anxious Minds and its partners, provide support for thousands of people each year struggling with mental health and complex needs with providing Counselling Services for adults and children; Recovery Centres for people who need long term support or are leaving NHS services; women only support services; and addiction and mental health support for veteran families.

With your support we can do so much MORE!

Counselling Services

Recovery Centres & Support Groups

Addiction Support

Suicide prevention

How you make a difference


£10 pays for telephone support for 1 hour


£20 pays for a counselling session


£30 pays for room hire for 1 hour


£50 pays for a support group


£60 pays for an addiction support group with two facilitators


£100 pays for a suicide awareness course for up to 12 people


£120 pays for 6 sessions of counselling


£1,000 keeps a support centre open for a month


£2,000 provides 50 people with outdoor therapy


£20,000 opens a new support centre