Support Mental Health


Fundraising Top Tips

It’s a great big challenge to help people with mental health and start talking about mental health to others, but we think you’re amazing for taking the leap! We’ve put together some tips and tricks to help with your fundraising.

1. Set a fundraising target

Those who set a fundraising target raise up to 600% more than those who don’t set one!

2. Donate to yourself for your first donation

The best way to kick off your fundraising is to show your supporters how it’s done.

3. Spread the word

Check out our fundraising ideas to get the word out about your challenge.

How to ask for donations

Think about who to ask and how to ask

You might get a great response from a post on your socials, but you’d likely get some great responses with a few personal messages sent directly to close family and friends.

Suggest a donation amount

Give a guide to your donors by letting them know what their pounds will do.

Explain your why

Letting people know your reasons for supporting mental health will help them connect to the cause.

Make it easy

Share the link to your fundraising profile, or for something even easier, if they scan your unique QR code with their phone it’ll take them straight to your donation link!