Support Mental Health


About Anxious Minds

Anxious Minds is a multi-award winning mental health charity, providing early intervention and long term support for people in emotional distress. The charity was founded by an Army veteran using his war pension and savings after struggling for years to find support for his own mental health. The charity provides Counselling Services for adults and children; Recovery Centres for people who need long term support or are leaving NHS services; women only support services; and addiction and mental health support for Veteran Families. With your support we can do so much MORE!

About Support Mental Health

Support Mental Health Challenge is a nationwide fundraising platform where you can directly support and improve mental health services provided by Anxious Minds and its partners, providing support for thousands of people each year struggling with mental health.

Participants can run, walk, swim, cycle, or choose their own time-based activity to complete the challenge like, mindfulness.

It doesn’t really matter what you do, it’s up to you! Have a tea party with friends or drinks with work colleagues as long as it’s good for your mental health then its good with us.

Participants are encouraged to fundraise and share their stories and perspectives, to help reduce the stigma associated with mental health. Funds raised from the Support Mental Health Challenge will assist Anxious Minds and its partners to continue to expand its services and make real change for people struggling to access mental health support.

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